"My Boy" – The Dog who Changed the World

This gentle giant, Gator, changed the world. He was the inspiration that motivated Scotti Devens in founding Save The Greyhound Dogs (STGD!). It was through Gator’s very presence that Devens decided to crusade for those greyhound dogs – his brothers and sisters – that were not as lucky as he was.

In May of 1995, the bill in Vermont signed into law was named The Gator bill - s. 152. This bill was named to honor the life of Scotti Devens' first greyhound, Gator. This bill ended greyhound racing, pari mutual betting and simu/casting of greyhound races. Vermont became the first state to ban racing where racing had currently existed. Gator, along with a few brothers and sisters and their families, attended the official signing by Gov. Howard Dean, MD.

Sadly, on July 3, 1999, the world lost a special friend. At barely 10 1/2 years of age, Gator died of osteosarcoma (bone cancer). This tragically affected numerous ex-racers. He fought diligently through all attempts to buy him pain-free quality time. (Click here to read a Native American Prayer and other poems that help deal with loss).

STGD! is awarding postermously to Gator the Founders Medal for 1999 – 2000. In his honor and memory, the crusade will continue.

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Gator Game Update: A small fund specifically designated to honor Gator's memory by assisting in the placement of black dogs, (who are more difficult to place in some areas), has helped a number of adoption organizations.

To date STGD! has donated over $500 resulting in the placement of many black racers. Some funds are still available for adoption organizations.

How we've helped other adoptions? STGD's mission is education and protection. Although we aren't an adoption organization we do receive many inquiries from people interested in adopting an ex-racer. After pre-screening, individuals are referred to a number of local adoption organizations. We have heard back from many with positive results!